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Sending a horse to training

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  • Sending a horse to training

    Just kind of bummed. Not able to share this thought with friends since some of them are riding instructors/trainers in my area. There is a lack of good horse trainers in my neighborhood. Let me take that back. They are good, just busy. Lots of horse people but not real dedicated trainers that keep appointments or do the work they are paid for. 2 years ago I paid one such individual to help me with a pony. I paid for services in advance (don't you usually pay for the month in advance?) Person had other lessons and things that got in the way of riding the pony trainer was paid to ride. Most equestrians in my area have other jobs and also teach/train. So now that we have a horse that needs a refresher I can only think of 2 trainers that I know produce results (based on friend's horses) that we can send the horse too.

    I know the horse will be in good hands with either trainer. What I am not happy with is that neither trainer is convenient for me to get to after work. Life gets in the way and I am not sure I will be able to go on Saturdays either. I worry that I will only make it up once or hopefully twice in the same month.

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    Aren't any trainers willing to come to your place?


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      Where are you located rfranch? I have recently met a few really good trainers. Of course, all depends on what discipline you ride and what you want done as well.

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