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My baby is spending the weekend in Colorado by herself.

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  • My baby is spending the weekend in Colorado by herself.

    I know once again not horse-related. If I mentioned that I had an awesome riding lesson today does that count?.

    my baby girl who happens to be going on 21 is going to Colorado for the weekend with her old stable buddy that's in college up there. I told her take the opportunity because she has a place to stay for free and all she has to do is pay for airfare and food. Her friend works at a ski lodge so she'll be able to use the resort for free.

    I'm just doing the mother hen thing. My baby is growing up. She still lives at home and goes to school. I'm happy for her but a little sad because I'm not needed so much. This is the hard part of being a mother.

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    The toughest part of being a Mother is letting go. My house has felt empty since my son left and that's 11 years ago. Even though he's an adult with a career and his own life, I'm still a "mother hen". He visits most every week, which I'm grateful for. So many folks don't see much of their grown children. He travels out of the country for his job and I worry every minute that he's away. He is still the light of my life and I am proud of him, but still miss his growing up days.


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      Which college? I graduated from CSU. Great college. Nice city. She will have lots of fun there. CU in Boulder? I would be a little worried, but not terribly if she has a good head on her shoulders. Strong drug culture there.
      Does working cattle count as playing with your food?