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Did I get the wrong horse again?

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  • Did I get the wrong horse again?

    So I have a history of being a softy. I'm sure there's a few others like me on this board. People say here take this horse and I do. I give it a great home but it's not my dream horse.

    my first horse was a lesson horse that was burnt out and she was a very good girl and took great care of me.
    my best horse was a pony that was rescued buy a local lady and I bought her for really cheap. I could ride that mare bareback out on the trails she would walk Trot Canter with no fuss. The downside was she was 13 2 and I was 200 lb. I got picked on a lot. I kept her until she got really old and had bad COPD. I gave her to somebody else that promised her retirement home and that person turned around and sold her in two days.

    I had a little Mustang that I raised for five years. Basically same thing I got him from a rescue put in time training him and realized I did not have what it takes to finish him. I worked with the rescue and we found him a good home.

    there were lots of other horses in between horse number 3 and that little Mustang. They were not the best choices for me. Spooky horses green broke horses crippled horses Etc.

    now I have a 20 year old retired broodmare that my nice got from the facility she worked at. This horse has been a broodmare for 10 years and is extremely green broke. She walks quietly as long as we stay in our pasture. She Spooks at a lot of things on the trail.

    When I first got her I was taking her out 3 days a week and I was able to trail ride her as long as I was in a group. Do you know how hard it is to find a group of people to ride with? We're all so busy we have jobs we have lives so it's hard to get together.

    I miss riding bareback on the trail with a horse that I felt totally safe with. The older we get to me it seems the less Brave we are. Probably because we know we are breakable. I know my niece is counting on me to give this horse a good home. I just wish someone would take her out for me I'm put some trail miles on her. Maybe then she wouldn't spook. I did put an ad out on Facebook before I gave it up. I had one person that I would trust. She said she would text me and I haven't heard from her. If I ever come into a small sum of money I will probably just pay a trainer. Is it worth it to pay a trainer for 20 year old green broke horse though?

    sorry it's such a long post and I don't really expect you guys to solve my problems. I just thought it'd be nice to put my feelings out there. I figure it'll give you guys something to read and maybe comment on.
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    JMO. I WAS the one that took in the sob stories, ridable or not. I donít anymore. I actually run screaming in the opposite direction if someone even suggests a sad sack tale within my earshot. It is not fair to my husband (vet bills, Farrier bills, happen, healthy or sick) and it is not fair to my horses that I chose becuase I knew they were a good fit. We canít save them all. I know that sounds harsh. But I would rather focus my money and time on taking the best possible care of those that I love and chose. I care very well for two old retired fellas. They will never again been ridden, but they did their best for me in their younger years. They deserve my best now.

    Find a good horse that you can ride and enjoy,
    My horse is good for my soul....


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      That means I have to do something with the one I have. That's my biggest problem. I have my own place but I'm not adding any more expense. As I get older I'm downsizing. They pass a new one doesn't show up .1 dog 1 horse that's all I want. Right now I have the 32 year old pony that had been with us for 21 years, my daughter's forever injured gelding, and my old mare

      I am hopeless because I know I should rehome her. Just never had luck doing that.


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        I feel your pain. I purchased my horse 8 years ago and she was not what I wanted. Six months after purchase, I wanted to re-home her. My husband was attached to her, so it didn't happen. The horse and I never clicked. As time went on, I found out she had multiple medical problems which is probably why she has been difficult. Over the past years, I've spent a lot of money on her health issues and trainers. Now she is 20, not rideable, is irritable and she is mine "til death do us part." I always think of getting another, but I'm fearful of a similar experience. And I'm getting older. So, I don't feel I have enjoyed my sport for the time I've owned her and I re-live the memories of horses in my younger days. I used to live for the days that I could ride, since her purchase, I'm frustrated, annoyed and fearful.


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          I pay for lessons on an instructors horse. Doesn't seem right does it


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            No, it doesn't seem right. But those were the cards we were dealt, for whatever reason. I also paid for lessons on another horse last year and I will start doing so again.