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I took Facebook and Messenger off of my phone.

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  • I took Facebook and Messenger off of my phone.

    I know it's not horse related. I removed all social media from my cell phone. Hubby was having problems with Facebook so I told him I would get rid of it if he did. Apparently he was not the only one with an addiction. I find myself picking up my phone often, looking for an app that isn't there. LOL

    I guess you will see me lurking on here more often, and I will be enjoying my horses and gym workouts without a distraction.

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    I gave up FB years ago. Much happier now. It is nothing but an ego feed.
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      My husband gave up facebook a few years ago, but still uses twitter. I keep facebook because it's a way to stay in touch with family on the other side of the country.


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        I have a business page on Facebook as itís my biggest source of advertisement so Iím forced to keep my page. I do post on my personal page occasionally to keep up with my northern family but other than that, I donít have twitter, snap chat and I am hardly ever on instagram, mostly to see what my daughter posts.
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          Hey rfranch, you're always welcome here!


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            Thank you TimTrott


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              Social media is an interesting topic. It is horse related, as my facebook page is over-run with horse ads, lol. I don't often post on facebook because I only share my private life with a select few. I do belong to horse groups, I especially like the horse vet corner, as people write in their horse health problems and veterinarians give answers. I find that very informative and educates me further on the care of injuries and illnesses, etc. I use it to stay in touch with long distance friends and family, I especially enjoy facebook messenger for this. But I'm careful what I write there also. Once something is on the internet, who knows where it may go??? I believe social media has it's place, but we have to be cautious.