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Slinky / sleazy recommendations please

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  • Slinky / sleazy recommendations please

    Not sure who calls them which but...
    Both of my horses are at a show barn which means they are under lights, (AKA no coats). I know it feels like summer right now but if we get any more cold snaps, mine will be cold. The local store sells them at high premium and I will need one for my gelding eventually, (I donít want to get stuck paying a premium if I can order ahead of time for cheaper)
    What kind do you use? Where do you purchase them? And specifically, which ones to stay away from?

    I mainly need the face/shoulder slinky, the side of the barn mine are on gets MAJOR wind. My mare LOVES her slinky when itís cold and windy! not sure how my gelding will like it though
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