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Can't log in to the Barn Sale!

Solution CAN'T LOG IN?

Remember the Barn Sale and the Bulletin Board are different programs that have separate registrations for user names and passwords.

If you were registered in the old (2009) Barn Sale, your password will need to be reset. Simply enter your (registered) email in the "forgot password" and watch for the password reset link email message. If you reset your password and still can't log in it is most likely that you have something wrong in the user name. If you have an ad listing, search for it and you will find your exact user name in the "posted by" at the top of the ad. If you don't have an ad running complete a Help Request and we'll be happy to look up your user name for you.

Make sure you have your user name EXACT. If your user name is "this" it won't work if you enter "THIS" or "This" or if you happen to add a space somewhere. Remember that a computer or a software program has an IQ of zero. It doesn't understand "almost right". That's just how it is with computers and software.

If you really can't remember your password and you are sure your user name is correct, try the "forgot password" function and wait for the new one to come to you in email. Again, it might get "eaten" or delayed by your spam blocker.

If you still can't log in, you may submit a Help Desk ticket and we can reset your password for you. We will need the email address that is connected with your login. Remember that the Barn Sale and the Bulletin Board are two separate programs with separate user (login) data. Your Bulletin Board user name and password will not work in the Barn Sale (and visa versa).

Remember, we're always happy to help.

Thank you for advertising at Barn Sale
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