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Tim Trott and "Cody"
(Cassalls Lionel, registered Arabian)

Welcome to Tim Trott's FLA HORSE

We started this thing back in the 1990's as Cybercute.com/flahorse when we started our web design and hosting company, and acquired the domain name FlaHorse.com in October of 1997.

We (Tim and Marianne) were on a campout and ride with a group that is now the Florida Trail Blazers when some of the members of that group suggested it might be nice to have a place on the Internet to post their trail maps. Since I was already involved in doing things with a web server that a friend had set up, I decided to build a web site for the benefit of all Florida trail riders in Florida.

We began with a collection of trail maps provided by Triple B riding club and eventually added more and more maps and information from Florida publications, from various friends and club members as well as my personal visits to various facilities around the state and the neighboring states of Alabama and Georgia. We continue to add and revise maps, add pictures and update the information as it is provided from time to time by volunteers..

We have continued to work to improve the design and features of FLAhorse. From the early beginnings, we've been assisted and encouraged by many, many people in the Florida horse community and beyond. To the those who made that first suggestion at a campout and to the many others who have contributed the news articles, trail maps, information, assistance, photos and more, we would like to say a great big "thank you".

We appreciate your continued support and encouragement and we hope you will patronize the sponsors and clasified advertisers who help defray some of the costs of operation.

We have had as many as five horses at one time. Cotton, the first and the last, was killed by lightning in June of 2005.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this web site that continues to be inspired by "TC", my first and last horse..

Tim Trott

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