FLAhorse Barn Sale Photo Classified

Photo Ad Assistance

Can't get your picture file to upload to the Barn Sale?

Here's a web site that can help you resize your pictures: Picnik.com

or ... if all else fails we can process your photo image for you for a $5 fee. NOTE: This fee does NOT include the ad listing fee or uploading. The photo processing function is manual and not automated so there may be a delay of as much as a day or more in processing. Your processed image will be emailed back to you ready for uploading.


1: PayPal $5 to contact@flahorse.com here . It is helpful if you can include your listing number in the "comments" box for reference.

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free 

and secure!

2: Attach your photo to an email to contact@flahorse.com and be sure to include your listing number.

You could also mail a check, payable to Tim Trott, to 3628 Seminole Lane, Marianna, FL 32448. Keep in mind that it may be delayed if I am out of town. An E-check (PayPal) will delay the process by the 4 days it takes to clear.

You may wish to print this page for reference before closing this screen.