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South Florida Trail Riders of Broward

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About Us

South Florida Trail Riders of Broward County, Inc., is an organization of people and horses dedicated to having good, clean fun where people of all ages and horses of all breeds can make friends while enjoying the outdoors and searching for adventure.


  • Encourage the expansion, construction, and preservation of scenic, designated equestrian trails and riding facilities.
  • Promote an active interest in equestrian activities.
  • Support equestrian legislation.
  • Aid and encourage the development of our youth with the belief that service to others will advance the well-being of our children, our families, our community, and the world.

Members of SFTR-Broward enjoy state-wide trail rides and camping trips year round with locally hosted rides at least two or three times per month.  SFTR-Broward participates in the Orange Blossom, Holly Day and Electric Light parades, sponsors charity events and fundraisers. In the fall we hold a fun show, our Halloween Costume Ride, then our Annual Christmas Party, which are tradition celebrations for our members’ – riders and spectators, parents and children alike.  Another great event is our Annual Pancake Breakfast and Tack Sale held at scenic Robbins Lodge in Davey.  There is something for everyone, whether you own a horse, know someone who does, or are hoping  someday to make one part of your family.

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Annual membership for individual or family is $30. Dual membership with SFTR Dade is an additional $20
(must fill out Broward application) Calendar year runs from June 1st thru May 31st.
A 30 day trail membership is $10. Half year membership for $20 runs from January thru June 1st.

For more information please contact Debbie McDonald, Membership at macdeb@bellsouth.net

  • General Meetings are the 4th Tuesday of every month at the Davie Women's Club, 6551 Orange Drive, Davie, FL,  located on the north side of Orange Drive, just west of Davie Road.  
    • 7:00 p.m. Refreshments
    • 7:30 p.m. - Committee reports
    • 8:00 p.m. - Guest Speaker

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President  Brian Skelly  seabird07@aol.com 954.696.9779
Vice President  Virginia Cullen  virginiacullen@browardschools.com 954.881.7055
Secretary   Hilda Testa pokey24556@aol.com 954.600.1416
Treasurer   Kathy Cox  katkcox@gmail.com 954.593.6478

Bob Surgan  bobsurgan@yahoo.com   954.668.9770
      Sandy Wagner    sandeemac1@aol.com  954.771.0705
  Laura Warren  fauxfinishes11@aol.com  954.684.9425
  Leigh Wessel  catdancing@live.com  954.444.2779
Laurie Morse  lauriemorse63@gmail.com  954.661.8737
Tina West    tina@allcountysurveys.com 954.319.1203


                Campouts & Trail Rides Tina West   tina@allcountysurveys.com 954.319.1203
Leigh Wessel catdancing@live.com 954.444.2779
                Membership Bob Surgan   bobsurgan@yahoo.com  954.668.9770
                Welcoming    Melanie Schwartz    melsbarns@gmail.com  954.557.5885
                Marketing  Tina West     tina@allcountysurveys.com   954.319.1203
                Meeting  Laurie Morse  lauriemorse63@gmail.com   954.661.8737
                Merchandise Sandy Wagner  sandeemac1@aol.com     954.771.0705
                Parade     Laura Warren    fauxfinishes11@aol.com   954.684.9425
                Political Liaisons  Kathy Cox   katkcox@gmail.com 954.593.6478   
Judy Paul   jpaulconsulting@msn.com 954.476.2515
Newsletter,Facebook & Webpage

Marilee McGinnis   southfloridatrailriders@hotmail.com   561.723.3615
                Business Card Ads   Brian Skelly   seabird07@aol.com 954.696.9779

Committee Chairpersons:
Gail Dixon 954-464-5426, and Debbie McDonald; macdeb@bellsouth.net
Trading Post ads
: Tina West 954-319-1203 tina@allcountysurveys.com
Membership/Merchandise: Debbie McDonald 954-632-9596 mcdeb@bellsouth.net
Newsletter: Marilee McGinnis 561-723-3615 southfloridatrailriders@hotmail.com
Trail Rides & Campouts: Carol Lazzarino, 561-784-8459, clazza586@aol.com
and Gail Dixon, 954-428-8454, duniorwy@msn.com
Web site: Carol Olson, 954-791-7535, Olson791@gmail.com

Monthly meetings are the 4th Tuesday of every month

South Florida
Trail Riders
of Broward County
PO Box 290332
Davie, FL 33329

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