FlaHorse will host, professionally design and maintain (usually about one update per month) your club's web site for only $10 per month (billed either quarterly or annually.)

Your club's web site may include our design and updates OR you can Do-It-Yourself

FlaHorse Club Web Sites

Note: The club logo link section on clubs page is ONLY for club web sites which are hosted and/or managed by

  • Each web page will be unique in appearance but will share basic features with the other club web pages, such as a description of what the club is about, a news section, a list of scheduled events, a list of your officers, and perhaps some photos of club activities.
  • Generally, most of the information about your club will be on one page but you may wish to have event entry forms and other information as separately linked pages or PDF (Acrobat) files.
  • Special club contact email address included on request.

Some basic guidelines for Club Web Pages:

  • Here's what we will need
    • Club logo graphic if you have one
    • List of officers with contact information
    • List of upcoming events
    • Membership information (May include membership invitation form)
  • Make sure your CLUB NAME always appears in the SUBJECT line of your e-mail when you send updates or make inquiries pertaining to your club web page.
  • Printed flyers, materials or scans of printed pages CAN NOT be accepted for updates.
  • Send updates (and corrections) in the form of text within email messages (preferred), or document files sent as attachments. Text files ("save as *.txt") are also perfectly acceptable. PDF files canl be added to club web sites as download attachments only.
  • Please limit submitted changes to once per month. Additional changes may be charged at normal rates ($5 minimum, $60 per hour). Please do NOT send files with heavy formatting, special fonts, graphics boxes, etc.
  • When sending pictures, it's best if images are no larger than 650 pixels (6 inches) wide. JPG images are usually best. Please list the file names of the attached files in your e-mail message for reference. Please do NOT send proprietary or camera files types (PCT, etc.) When sending files from a Mac computer please remember to add the (PC) file extensions (.jpg .gif, doc, etc.).
  • PDF (Acrobat) files for link attachment (i.e.: show forms or membership applications) are always acceptable but we can convert DOC, DOCX, PUB or other text files to PDF.
  • Don't make columns in your text with tabs becuse there is no HTML conversion for tab columns and they have to be reformatted by hand, line by line. Use tables if necessary instead. Show results may be submitted as Microsoft Excel files and will be displayed as PDF files. Usually just putting the text in your email is .
  • If you send Microsoft Publisher files they will be converted to PDF for link attachment.
  • Scanning, special graphics or formatting, online forms, search engine promotions, sound files, animation effects and other special services can be provided at an additional charge.
  • If your club selects the annual billing plan ($120) we will provide a FREE domain registration (example: If your club wishes to use an existing domain name please contact us to make arrangements for transfer to our server

What about...

Billing? We'll bill your club treasurer or other designated person by the quarter or by the year. Just send us the address it needs to go to and how you would like to be billed. We bill for services in standard quarters: Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep, Oct-Dec or by the year. We also provide for online bill payment by credit card or check. If your club pays by the year, will include registration of your club's own domain name. Don't forget to let us know if you elect a new treasurer with a different address. Sorry, no refunds.

Pictures? Sure! They make any web page more interesting. Try not to send a ton of really big ones. See the information in the green box for more details.

Hit Counters? So called "hit" counters are not as useful as you might think. They don't always register every visit because of something a web browser does which is called "cacheing". We provide visitor statistics on all the club sites on FlaHorse as well as on the rest of our Cyberchute web server. If your club has its own domain name or if we provide one with annual billing we provide you with detailed graphical statistics the same as a regular commercial web site at no charge.

Animations, clip art? Sure. Just be careful where they come from. We'll be happy to add some little "touches" to your page, maybe even a background image. Just don't get carried away with so many "cute" things that it slows down the page loading too much or makes it start to look like a Christmas tree. Let's try to keep it looking at least a little bit dignified...

Do It Yourself? No problem! If someone in your club has the skills to edit and update your web page we can provide the space and resources to do it. Want us to start it and let you take it from there? Need help? No problem there either. However, you must maintain a link back to and/or Cyberchute hosting somewhere in the page, and you must not exceed 50 MB of storage space.

If you have any questions or if your club would like to start a web page here, contact Tim Trott/ here

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The mailing address is:

Tim Trott
Florida Horse Page
3628 Seminole Lane
Marianna, FL 32448

Payment via PayPal or PayPal subscription is preferred.
Make all checks payable to
Tim Trott Audio, Inc.

Don't forget to promote YOUR CLUB'S web address in your newsletters and
programs as well as in news releases you send to Horse & Pony and other publications!!